12 Minute Affiliate Review: The Perfect Affiliate Marketing System

12 Minute Affiliate Review – 12 Minute Affiliate is a done-for-you system that helps you to generate make money through affiliate marketing. But is this legit or a scam? Let’s Read.

12 Minute Affiliate Review

When you go online today; there are a series of Reviews; the majority are not more than glorified adverts that are targeted at making people buy into the product. The presence of fake reviews online is seriously eroding the credibility of reviews that are online. 

If you are not careful, that 5-star review that you are seeing online can be any of the following: 

Paid Advert: Some of the companies employ the expertise of paid content writers which will help them to write what they wanted the consumer to know about their product. The target of such reviews is to guide the reader towards clicking on the order now button. What you will read from such reviews is what the manufacturer wants you to know.

Reviews By Staffs And Family Members: You might not believe it but it is the reality of the matter, some of the reviews are done by staff members and family members of the company. What you are going to get reading such reviews is a waste of your precious time because you will be programmed towards a certain direction-to place an order for the product.

12 Minute Affiliate Dashboard

The Thoughts Of A Real Member

There are several ghost members of 12 Minute Affiliate Review and yet they are writing about the product. One wonders how it is possible to write volumes about what is totally a stranger to you. What you are about reading is the thoughts that were borne out of the practical experiences of someone who is a real affiliate member, not a ghost member who is writing to please the masters that hired him.

What you are about reading about 12 Minute Affiliate is the truth as it has been experienced by someone who has been practically involved in this program. Having gone through Devon Brown’s 12 Minute Affiliate, we are presenting to you the story as it is; the practical reality of what this program actually entails.

The Basics Of 12 Minute Affiliate Review

It involves three basic steps that are practically easy to achieve if the will to execute it is there. Let us take a look at the 3 steps one after the other:

Step One- You have to get all the necessary info ready which will prepare your prospects for the sales page. To execute this, you have to set up your Bridge Page or what is referred to as the Opt-In Page. You are going to achieve the results with just a few clicks.

Step Two– Next, you have to set up your Email Account. This is your Auto-Responder

Step Three- Your page is now ready. You can now send traffic to the page.

What we have at our hands in 12 Minute Affiliate is a brilliant program. The price is a mockery of the brilliance that comes with this program. Just like this program, l has experienced Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint; when we compare the price; it is seen that this program comes at a fraction of the price. Have you experienced an Inbox Blueprint? This program can be compared with it; the price is far reduced to what is gotten from Inbox Blueprint. 

Now let us go into the full details of how this program runs from the insider’s account of someone who has actually tested the program.

STEP ONE: Your Affiliate Account

Do not bother yourself with other options because the purpose of this program is tied to Clickbank. This software is set up to promote products that are already of Clickbank. You will be through with the process in this stage within 2 minutes-it is not more than that. I have realized that this is the rave of the moment and you are going to get the results that call for cheer in Affiliate marketing with very little inputs because a lot of work has been done ahead in the development of this software.

The first thing that you are expected to do when you log into 12 Minute Affiliate is to create your own affiliate account. The target purpose here is to look for the products that you are going to promote. If you have gotten such products, then you will use it to earn your affiliate commissions. You have to sign up with a credible market place that has a huge variety of niches; l have found Clickbank.com a useful ally in this regard. You can trust its delivery.

STEP TWO: Getting Your Auto-Responder

When you have set up your Affiliate program; you need to put it on auto-responder if you are to get the best results. This is the second most important thing to do to position yourself for the gains. This program under review uses Getresponse.com which is a credible platform. For your first 1000 subscribers, you will pay $12.46

You can try this program for free for the first 30 days with a credible money-back guarantee. Your interests here are well protected as you will get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the results. You will get a 60 days money-back guarantee from 12 Minute Affiliate.

Why am not saying that Aweber is a flawless software going by my experiences with it in the past; it makes up for any of its shortcomings with credible online support. The customer care is top-notch; you can rely on it for the best results if you have issues. Every issue that comes my way l put to them and they have been always there for me to resolve every issue that calls for worry.

The majority of the subscribers generate an average of $1 per month on every subscriber. With around 1000 subscribers and at a fee of $12.46; you can easily factor out the gains. By simple arithmetic, you will get $500 on a monthly basis with that number; when you compare the figure with what you invested in getting this software, the huge profit becomes very glaring. This is indeed a soar-away concept that has a lot to give to the concept of Affiliate marketing.

Having experienced it practically, I have come to the understanding that this software is indeed something that is worth every penny placed on it; the features promised on paper is what you are going to get when you put it to practical use. There are no hypes on what you read about it in print or what you have been privileged to watch on video. It is for real.

STEP THREE: Step BY Step Instructions On Setting Up The Auto-Responder

I discovered this part to be one of the best features that come with 12 Minute Affiliate. Those that have used auto-responder before will not agree less with me because of the advantage that this model has over the options that were before it. The burden of adding each mail to the series in a manual format has been completely erased. The process has been simplified here through the delivery of an import key/code. You can use it to add auto-generated Emails to your affiliate links directly into your Aweber account which has been set up by the brain behind this software and his team.

Time is a perishable commodity and should be used wisely; with other concepts; hours are wasted trying to make the additions across various niches manually; with the auto-responder technology here, you are going to save up ample time in the process of delivery.

When l first started the process as a greenhorn, it took me an average of 10-15 minutes to get over it. But with practice; l can effectively execute it within 5 minutes. Every committed individual can get it done within the space of 5 minutes. When we consider the time saved here; one can conclude that this software is the ultimate for now if you want to execute the process within the shortest minimum time.

Do you know that there is an alternative process that is even more creative than what we have described above with Davon’s software? You can easily get the process set up for you by an expert! Yes, without your involvement, the processes can be executed to clinical precisions. The fee that it attracts is small compared to the gains involved. However, taking off 5 minutes to it yourself will give you a sense of pride and accomplishments. Even if you are not technically savvy, you can fall back on video clips of the setup which makes the process, even more, user-friendly.

STEP FOUR: The 12 Minute Affiliate Funnels

Another step towards getting your channel set is the activation of your Affiliate Funnel. Setting this up is also pretty user-friendly. There are three niches that you are going to see and you will be required to choose one among the options which include:

  • Online Business
  • Health
  • Personal Development

The process is simple; set up your template and make a few customizations to it that will custom-built for you. That is all that is required to set the ball rolling and you will be ready for the inflow of your commissions. You will not require a website of your own. Everything will be hosted on their platform and you will have all the benefits to yourself.

Here below is a pictorial illustration of the process just described above.

12 Minutes affiliate marketing system

This is an amazing process that you can set up in record time and the rewards cannot be compared to anything in its category. 

STEP FIVE: Traffic In 2 Minutes

This is yet another incredible part of the process. You have to understand this about the traffic on the internet. It can be paid or instant; alternatively, you can get it through a free or time-consuming process. With is software under preview, the process is very simple and it has an excellent user interface: You simply choose the type of interface that you desired. Get your desired number of clicks or visitors. You can send them after your mind has been MADE UP. The process is as free as that. 

The opt-in-rate is very encouraging. If you send for instance; 2,000 real human traffic, you will get in return 800-1200 new people on your list. With this number on your list, they are going to be the source of drip-feeding the auto-responder Email on your list. If you are to go through the normal process of SEO or other alternative methods; the process will not be as easy as the one described above.

You will require spending a lot of time learning the process-it is time-consuming. At the end of the learning process, the expected results might be a pipe dream. Aside from the time invested in learning it which might turn to be a waste in the end when results that call for cheer are not achieved. Aside from your time, it will also cost more doing it when compared to what you will get through the 12 Minute Affiliate

My 12 Minute Affiliate Review & Final Conclusion

The entire idea of this software is indeed noble; it is an improvement to what already exists and a welcome idea to those that want to reap the best that is obtainable in Affiliate Marketing. The use of E-Mail is very important to generate the desired traffic which will lead to affiliate sales at the end of the day.

If you are after a get rich quick syndrome, then you are going to be disappointed. At any rate, there is no software for now that can deliver on that. You can only get that through a game of chance in the casino notch. One thing is however sure with this Affiliate program, you will be able to build on something that will give you a sure foundation that you can build on as a beginner. 

Doing that is the lasting route to enduring wealth. This is the promise of 12 Minute Affiliate and you can be sure of the practical delivery of this; l am living proof of the system. This is one good work from Davon. He is not a scam. You can place your order for it now.

Pleasing results are guaranteed.

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