Top 10 Passive Income Affiliate Networks And Programs

Affiliate marketing is a hot market in 2019. Everyone wants to earn money online. If you are one of them then you have come to the right place.

I know many people still finding what is the best affiliate network? But today, I’ll explain about top 10 Passive Income Affiliate Networks And Programs which can make your millionaire in 2019 or more. If you follow the right techniques.

Sounds good?

Then, Let’s get started.

I know if you are newbies and willing to start affiliate marketing then you must have some question.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing? It is a very common question for beginners who want to start affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is commission-based virtual marketing. In Affiliate marketing you have to sell 3rd party product & services on the internet by using the different medium of internet marketing.
Lean Pro Affiliate Marketing

Let’s understand by an example – Suppose you want to buy a mobile. Before buy you do some research about the phone on google or you ask about your friends.

When you search on google and find some website. You read a review and decided to buy that phone then you click links and you reach amazon or Xyz top e-commerce website.

Once you buy the phone respective website owner will receive some commission that commission called Affiliate Commission and that link called Affiliate Link and the platform you used to buy a phone that platform called Affiliate Network or Affiliate programme.

What is Affiliate Networks?

Affiliate Network is a platform where bloggers or marketers come & ask to promote products and services that platform called affiliate network.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Find bellow “Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Network Programme”

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Can You Really Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can earn unlimited money from affiliate marketing but totally depends on your personal skill.

Don’t worry about if you don’t have any skill sets. Skills can be developed. Just you need passion, commitment & consistency towards your interest.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income earned over $$21,71,652 in last 12 month through affiliate marketing in 2018-19.

What are the benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

  • Affiliate Programme free to join
  • Anyone can start Affiliate Marketing
  • Immediate Payout
  • Fewer Changes to fraud.
  • You can start at home
  • Cost-effective direct marketing option
  • Better return on investment (ROI)
  • Increases website traffic
  • Best ways to start work from a home-based company
  • You do not have to design, develop or manufacture any products
  • Indirectly Better Lifestyle

What is the Best Affiliate Network?

Find below top Affiliate networks to help you make money from Affiliate marketing which I have a breakdown. You must have to decide which programmes fit you.

Let’s check out best one.

#10. Amazon/Flipkart Affiliate Networks

Amazon/Flipkart Affiliate Networks
Amazon/Flipkart Affiliate Networks

Visit – Global- Amazon Global India – Amazon India Flipkart

Amazon is the oldest and trusted affiliate marketing program. Without this affiliate program, every blogger and Youtuber is incomplete. Amazon provides worldwide his services. Amazon offers 1% to 12% commission rate. Flipkart operates in India and offering similar commission rate to affiliates.

How to join Amazon Affiliate Program?

  • Join – Amazon affiliate marketing program is free to join. But you need approval from amazon team.
  • Advertise – Amazon has millions products. You can choose any product to promote via content website, social media, blogging website, Youtube etc. You have to place one link within your content. “Pro Tips – Select your niche & promote high commission products.”
  • Earn – Get up 12% commission rate by amazon. You are good enough to produce content text, video & voice form os that you can earn lots of money.

Note – Amazon affiliate program is same Flipkart network. So follow the same step.

Amazon Commission Rate –

Amazon Commission Rate -
Amazon Commission Rates

Flipkart Commission Rate –

Flipkart Commission Rate
Flipkart Commission Rates

#9. ClickBank Affiliate

ClickBank Affiliate
ClickBank Affiliate

Clickbank affiliate program was founded
in 1998. Click bank has six-million clients worldwide. If you are in new in the affiliate marketing field, you must join the Clickbank affiliate program.

In Clickbank affiliate program, account creation is very simple, you have to log in create account section. You will get instant account approval.

Clickbank has its own marketplace where you have to find out your niche product to promote.

I am using Click bank last 1 year, I did not face any issue about payment.

ClickBank Dashboard
ClickBank Dashboard

How to find Click bank products?

To find affiliate products is very easy. You have to marketplace and select your niche product. Check below screenshot.

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Marketplace
ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Marketplace

Visit –

#8. JVZOO Affiliate

JVZOO Affiliate
JVZOO Affiliate

JVZoo is innovative, a profit-driving platform for sellers affiliate. It is like another affiliate network. But in this affiliate program, you can promote digital products only and you need approval from a vender to promote any product.

To join JVZOO affiliate program is free of cost and anyone can join JVzoo.

With JVZOO affiliate program, You can promote seller products and get 50% commission most of the products.

JVzoo has two types of commission.

  • Delayed Commission – In this commission system, you will get commission between 30-60 days. The reason you get delayed in commission is there is some possibility of a refund who is not satisfied with the products.
  • Instant Commission – Some of the venders offer an instant commission.

Visit –

#7. ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale Affiliate
ShareASale Affiliate

If you are in an affiliate marketing field you must know about Shareasale affiliate program. ShareASale was founded in 2000. ShareASale knew about his speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

They don’t have an impressive interface but they quality products. Joining Shareasale is free and anyone can join but you must be approved by ShareASale team.

Shareasale paid twice in a month payout with a minimum threshold.

Visit –

#6. Warrior Plus Affiliate Programme

Warrior Plus Affiliate Programme
Warrior Plus Affiliate Programme

Your profit is our business, Warrior plus believes in the philosophy and they have the fastest affiliate programmes which provide all latest tool which help you to get sales.

Joining warrior plus affiliate programme is absolutely FREE. They have a very simple dashboard and you can find the product very easily without any hassle.

Visit –

#5. MaxBounty Affiliate Network

MaxBounty Affiliate Network
MaxBounty Affiliate Network

MaxBounty Affiliate Network is CPA (Cost per action) affiliate network which provides affiliate marketer to get an opportunity to become an affiliate marketer and start to promote other vendor products and get some commission when they sell.

This network approval is very simple you need to provide your website with showing some affiliate ads.

Visit –

#4. CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction Affiliate Program)

Commission Junction

CJ affiliate is known as Commission Junction. It is an online marketing company run by Alliance Data operating.

To use of Cj affiliate is a little bit tricky but if you use this for some time you will be hand-on.

Visit –

#3. Bluehost Domain/Hosting Affiliate

Bluehost Domain/Hosting Affiliate
Bluehost Domain/Hosting Affiliate

Bluehost affiliate programme is world known affiliate programme. All most all top bloggers offer Bluehost services. To signup, a bluehost affiliate programme is very simple. You just have to go affiliate section and sign up programme.

Every single sale you will earn minimum of $65. Joining Bluehost Programme is absolutely FREE.

Over $5 Million Paid in Commissions Last Year Alone

Bluehost provides Domain, Hosting, SSL, CDN, Cloud hosting, WordPress managed hosting, dedicated hosting etc.

Visite –

#2. GetResponse Email Marketing Affiliate

GetResponse Email Marketing Affiliate
GetResponse Email Marketing Affiliate

Get Response is an all in one marketing programme. Under this tool, you will get email campaign, forms, autoresponder, automation, auto funnel, webinar, simple CRM, online digital product selling etc in one place.

Get Response offers two types of commission first is onetime payment is $100 and 2nd 33% recurring commission every single sale. It’s FREE to join.

Visit – Getresponse

#1. Click Funnel Affiliate Programme

Click Funnel Affiliate Programme
Click Funnel Affiliate Programme

Click Funnel Affiliate Programme is a no 1 affiliate programme in the market. This programme will give you a chance to become a millionaire.

I’m a great fan of this programme. You must join this programme and start promoting it.

Visit – Click Funnel

Conclusion –

All affiliate programme is good but if you want my personal recommendation is to join the top 3 programmes. If you use the right technique and produce great content which user love. I’m pretty much sure you will start generating affiliate sale. Want to learn affiliate marketing from my mentor Vick Strizheus.

Top 10 Passive Income Affiliate Networks And Programs
Top 10 Passive Income Affiliate Networks And Programs 1

Affiliate marketing is a hot market in 2019. Everyone wants to earn money online. If you are one of them then you have come to the right place.

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